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My name is Kambria Evans, The Teaching & Learning EMDR Consultant.  As I support you getting where you want to go, I offer you my 17 years of expertise developing impactful learning experiences for healthcare providers. See, the way I teach has chops and gets you evidence-based results; my innovative ideas and trainings have been published (14 times) in peer-reviewed medical, psychology, and education journals such as Academic Psychiatry and Academic Medicine. I'm the former Director of Education & Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, have two Masters Degrees in Psychology and Education, and have extensively trained in EMDR and relational complex trauma. 

After teaching and leading research at Vanderbilt University and Stanford School of Medicine for 20 years, the standard of excellence that I’ve practiced is paramount in supporting you. Sharing all that I know with therapists and their clients, so that they may share their own voices with the world, is my life’s work.