Becoming a Consultant is a big deal for folks in our community. It’s an opportunity to extend the reach of our support beyond helping our clients to helping fellow clinicians. 

But, unfortunately, for many Consultants, individual and group consultation can end up looking a bit like a revolving door of conventional ideals. Consultees get the hours they need, in a specific amount of time, for a set amount of money and move on with their practices without any individualized learning. 

As we see it now, consultation isn’t customizable enough to give both consultants and clinicians the bilateral learning experience folks in our field deserve. In many consultation groups, the same things are being said that were said 30 years ago. It's time to refresh the way we think about consultation. 

 When I became a Consultant, I started to sense the errors of traditional consultation. I decided to disrupt the norms of consultation culture to create a consultation business that allowed me to live in excellence, knowledge, and happiness

And the best part? My consultees lived it, too. 

Folks had a place to get their hours if they needed it and I had a consultation business with clear goals that served the needs of my practice. But most importantly, we all had a place where learning and community was the first priority.

The Consultation Kit has everything I've learned about what it means to think creatively as a business owner and as a Consultant and I'm excited to share it with you!

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The Consultation Kit


  • Learn how to create a culture where you and your consultees come to learn
  • Understand how to find your niche and market it to your people
  • Learn how and why to go beyond the traditional models of consultation 
  • Build the confidence you need to use your creativitiy to design a unique consultation business
  • Master the steps it takes to build a rock solid teaching framework
  • Learn how to create systems that will maintain the success of your Consultation business
  • Get support in building a consultation program that grows with you
Get The Consultation Kit Now!

See what people are saying about The Consultation Kit:

"It [discouragement and frustration and all the competition on FB pages] felt bad inside, contrary to how I like to be in the world. I don't like to 'get ahead' by having others not be as successful. The Blue Ocean really stuck out to me! I can find my niche, do what brings me joy, and not have a competitive spirit with others. [Kambria] genuinely cares that others are succeeding! I am building my curriculum, niche, business with far less stress. I no longer feel I have to compete with every other AC out there for business!"

- Anita, EMDR Consultant

Take a look at what’s inside The Consultation Kit

With over 20 easy to digest moduleswork through your 32-page Consultation Kit Workbook and learn exactly how to get your people so your people get you!

You'll have lifetime access to all of the content in The Consultation Kit. 

Category I - Get started with 1 module that maps out your journey to becoming a Zero Disturbance Consultant with the customizable assessment tool 

Category II - Design your business model with 4 modules to understand what to offer, where you’re starting from, where you’re going, and how to get exactly what you want from your Consultation business. 

Category III - Design your brand with 2 modules that help you understand what branding actually means, what your brand is, and how to go beyond EMDRIA in your Consultation business. 

Category VI - Design your rates with 2 modules that walk you through how to align your rates with your brand. 

Category V - Design your teaching framework with 5 modules that guide you in understanding how to be a teacher and what your teaching style looks like. Learn about culture, group dynamics, and the learners' role in your Consultation business. 

Category VI - Design your commitment to evolution with 2 modules that teach you how to evaluate your program and collect data.

Category VII - Find out what else your people need with 1 module that teaches you all about supplemental resources.

Category VIII - Find out what else you need with 3 modules that help you understand what more you might need, what your business timeline looks like, how to identify gaps and then to fill them. 

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Hi, I’m Kambria, The Teaching & Learning EMDR Consultant. 


 Before I became an EMDRIA Approved-Consultant, I spent 20 years cultivating a strong foundation in teaching and learning at Vanderbilt and Stanford School of Medicine.


After my Masters Degree in Education from Vanderbilt, I spent 14 years at Stanford School of Medicine designing applied research in both psychology and education. I created trainings that effectively taught Stanford healthcare providers topics such as compassion, wellness, communication, quality improvement design, cultural competence, and evidence-based care. My trainings get results, and have been featured as a model for other institutions in peer-reviewed journals such as Academic Psychiatry and Academic Medicine.

In addition to developing and teaching required curriculum in the pre-clinical years of medical school, I developed and co-directed three electives for clerkship medical students, residents, and fellows.

One elective was rated by learners as one of the top courses in the Medicine Residency program. 

I shared my love of teaching with other educators and professors from around the world through the Stanford Faculty Development Center’s train-the-trainer model. And just as I supported professors becoming more attuned to their students, I now love to do the same for my fellow EMDR clinicians. 

I love teaching and learning in ways that have been proven to work! And now with the launch of The Consultation Kit, I get to help other Consultants feel and do the same. 


"You're a frickin genius! I am devouring the Practice Design Kit and Consultation Kit! I've been thinking of doing a workshop for awhile. After I got your kit, it broadened my horizons. I don't have to wait to do a workshop. I'm designing a group consultation series in addition to my group series basic model and creating pdfs. Thank you so much for your generosity! My mind is swirling with ideas :)

I so admire your business genius and the way you help us examine our underlying messages about wealth. I consider myself one of your Super fans.

- Anita, EMDR Consultant

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Your role as a Consultant has the power to influence clinicians and clients around the world.

Our community deserves a culture that values learning, creativity, and happiness and it starts with you.