While going through EMDR Basic Training, I was fire hosed with information.


It was overwhelming. 


I felt lost about how to use EMDR with my complex trauma clients. I was unclear on my role as the clinician during EMDR. I was told the best way I could gain a sense of clarity was to go to consultation and try to figure it out

Something about that training experience just didn't align with what I knew about best practices in Teaching and Learning science

So, as I developed my own sense of clinical reasoning skills, something finally started to become clear to me: case conceptualization for complex trauma doesn't always have to be so complex.

Having researched and created learner-centered curriculum for 20 years at Vanderbilt and Stanford Medical SchoolI was able to see that EMDR therapy overlaps in many ways with what we know from Teaching and Learning science.  

When I was able to apply this breakthrough in session with my clients, the ease we felt was tangible. My work with EMDR and processing trauma felt more joyful. 


I wish we could understand EMDR Basic Training this way from the start. 

 During a time when we're all feeling overwhelmed, I want to make life as an EMDR clinician easier for you now.  

That's why I created the only curriculum you'll need this year to consolidate the overwhelm.

The Lesson Plan is a unique mini-course that translates complicated EMDR concepts into the way that people learn new information. The Lesson Plan has the resources you need with easy to digest videos and downloads. No more firehose. No more overwhelm. 

Think differently, help more. 

Get The Lesson Plan today!

Purchasing The Lesson Plan gives you continued access to course updates, as well as opportunities to give feedback on what was helpful and what was missing. The Lesson Plan isn't just a course; it's a conversation.

"I am working my way through The Lesson Plan – I am finding it all so helpful!  You have such a great ability to simplify the process which is great.  I have been feeling so lost since I did my training a year ago (despite supervision every other week) but your clear and concise approach is super helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my questions - both responses have been so helpful.  I am still in the early days with having the courage to stick with EMDR and not fall back into what I know best. I really appreciate your help, encouragement and support. Really helpful to think about lesson plan, learning styles, and targeted resourcing to use at every stage. Lovely positive approach. The quality is 5/5 (excellent)!"

- Roisin, EMDR Trained

How we currently understand EMDR after basic training is only the tip of the iceberg...

With The Lesson Plan you can expect to learn things like:

  • How every single part of your clients’ therapy is a resource and how, as the clinician, you can use that information to help your clients in streamlined and customized ways. 
  • That in therapy, your clients’ targets may not always be the goal. 
  • How information shared by your client in the target set up can (and should be) used throughout processing.
  • What kind of easy to digest language to use with your clients to talk about their sessions.
  • That behaviors have a positive intention and that if we lose sight of that, or do not understand the intention, we can fall short in responding to our clients.
  • You are never stuck and your client is never stuck. 

 "The Lesson Plan is amazing! I now have more accessible, approachable language to talk to clients about EMDR. I appreciated all of the material: videos, handouts, research articles. I feel more confident and personally aligned with this strengths-based approach. The quality is 5/5 (excellent)!"

- Eve, EMDR Trained

"I've been extremely pleased with The Lesson Plan and the Resource materials. [...] you have broken things down into something much less elusive! I feel like I have some real guidelines now that I don't have to invent or learn through trial and error."

- Paula, EMDR Trained

The Lesson Plan


Starter Kit

  • Feel clear on your role as the clinician 
  • Understand myths of EMDR therapy
  • Understand Adaptive Information Processing through the lens of Teaching and Learning science
  • Strengthen your clinical reasoning skills
  • Get a comprehensive look on what resourcing really means
  • Understand who you can help with a client readiness guide
  • Feel clear on what interweaves are, how to use them, and why they're so important
  • Bonus guides to help your clients with dissociation, ego states, and addiction

Thinking differently starts here

What we're taught in basic training is a ton of complicated information. What we're not taught, however, is how to use that information to nurture our clinical reasoning skills. Many of us leave basic training with a whole lot of information, but without a good sense of how to actually use it in session with our EMDR clients. The Lesson Plan takes you beyond "attune to your client and follow the protocol."

Through a series of powerful downloads and over 4 hours of videos, The Lesson Plan gives you permission to focus on why you went through basic training in the first place: to provide clinically sound EMDR therapy to people who need your help.

Put the technical jargon, the protocols, the phases to the side for just a moment. Let The Basic Lesson Plan guide you through a comprehensive look through the lens of Teaching & Learning science, so you can think in a way that's useful to you and your client in session, in real life, right now.

I use The Lesson Plan every day in my practice and I am offering this to you because it works. 


Life will not be easy for us or for our clients in the coming months and years. The need for EMDR therapy will only increase as we as a society process our way through this global pandemic.

What can get easier, though, is the way that we think about the way that we help our clients. 

The Lesson Plan is here to help you and The Lesson Plan is here to help your clients.

Your EMDR colleagues from all over the world have already set themselves up for success with The Lesson Plan! We have learners in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, California, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, Maine, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Virginia, and Tennessee!


"I am continuing to enjoy learning from you! I have found your approach and available documents to be extremely helpful. I not only understand EMDR better myself but also feel more confident in my ability to explain EMDR to my clients. Thank you so much for putting this together and look forward to diving back in to learn more. The quality is 5/5 (excellent)!"

- Karyn, EMDR Trained