You know that thing that you keep saying over and over again?

The thing you repeat to your clients and colleagues? The thing that people thank you for sharing and the reason that you have repeat customers and super fans?

That thing is your ticket to passive income.

Passive income has become quite the buzz word in the past few years. And for good reasons.

Passive income gives people the freedom to clear their schedules and the agency to grow their wealth. Whether you're a therapist, a teacher, a coach, or health service provider, no one deserves this more than those of us in the helping professions. 

Everyone wants in on the passive income mania, but most don’t know where to start. We tell ourselves that we don't have the time because we're too busy helping others with direct services.

And we fail to realize that our experience as helpers gives us the perfect foundation for content creation and immediate sales.

If your journey as a helper has you leaving money on the table and you’re interested in creating networks for passive income, The Passive Income Kit is for you.

Learn how to get your ideas out of your head and into high-value digital content so you can continue to heal the world and make money while you sleep.



 A learning experience designed just for helpers:

  • Made for busy, non-techy, helpers, by a busy, non-techy, helper (If a trauma therapist and mom of young twins in a pandemic can do this, you can do this!)
  • Emphasis on mission-driven values and living in service to others and ourselves 
  • Backed by 20 years of experience in curriculum development, research/evaluation, and teaching at Vanderbilt and Stanford Medical School
  • Innovative ways to collect and use data to sell (your competition won't see this coming)
  • Bite-size, customized learning where you decide the goal and the pace 
  • Strategies to sell and put yourself out there that are more congruent with who you are
  • Keeping with Zero Disturbance's vibe, you will experience no pressure or feeling bad about where you're starting from! (None of these lessons will be filmed in mansions or push million-dollar launches)
  • Most effective advice from three different passive income gurus, and how I integrated what they taught me to work for those of us in helping professions 
  • Real talk (graphs, numbers, dollars) about my journey (failures and successes) from no mailing list or product suite to multiple six-figure revenue in less than two years. 
  • The only learning experience where you're invited into my actual Kajabi account (not a demo account) to see my actual numbers, email funnels, and successful (and failed!) pricing and marketing strategies
  • Focus on encouragement, possibility, and learner agency (I believe in you and what you have to offer the world!)

See what therapists are saying about The Passive Income Kit

 Overall rating of 5/5; excellent quality!

"I invested in The Passive Income Kit and now [I] am working on my first, virtual training workshop that I plan on launching on September 10, 2022. The Passive Income Kit that Kambria laid out makes it simple to create courses. I have tried my hand at online courses but [this] passive income program is laid out [to] make [it] so simple to implement. Thank you Ms Evans."

- George, EMDR Consultant & Trainer

 Overall rating of 5/5; excellent quality!

"It was helpful to hear about passive income from another therapist. Reduces the shame around it. I appreciate your candid approach to creating online courses. I especially appreciate having access to this course for a lifetime because I will refer back to it when I have specific questions re: email funnels and marketing. I've already sent my course off to my beta test group!"

- Lisha, EMDR Certified

The Passive Income Kit


Top Features

  • Learn how to choose your content and medium 
  • Get insight on how to outline your digital content
  • Find out how to market with social media and email funnels
  • Master data collection and evolution
  • Understand what it takes to be an effective teacher
  • And so much more!
Get The Passive Income Kit Today!

 Work through The Passive Income Workbook with easy to digest video modules and learn how to create and sell high-value digital content from start to finish.


Get tried and tested insight from six-figure digital content creator, Kambria Evans, on things like:

  • How to choose your content idea and run with it
  • How to get started and choose your medium 
  • How to outline and create easy to digest content for your people 
  • How to repurpose your content over and over again with results 
  • How to be an effective teacher 
  • How to market your content with email funnels, sales page copy, social media content strategy (that feels good to you), discounts and upsells
  • How to price your products
  • How to create packages and bundle offers through repurposing your content
  • How to collect data and testimonials 
  • How to stay organized
  • How to find your zone of genius and outsource the rest
  • How to handle copycats, haters, and perceived competition
  • How to understand Intellectual Property Laws
  • And much more!

You'll have lifetime access to The Passive Income Kit, so it'll be there whenever you need it! 

Get a sense of what you'll learn in The Passive Income Kit

If you're interested in accessing networks to passive income, learning how to be an effective teacher is a skill you'll need to learn. 

Listen to this Zero Disturbance Podcast episode titled "Three Types of Teachers" to learn more about how you can (and should) show up for the folks you're interested in teaching.