Zero Disturbance helps therapists create high-value, EMDR-informed offerings that consider both the client and the clinician.


 Everyone deserves a quiet body and a calm mind.  

 2020 encouraged us to help more by thinking differently.

And we're here for it. 


  • Zero Disturbance believes in innovation and research. We are life-long learners. We complement Shapiro's EMDR with a strengths-based approach, integrating principles from Growth Mindset, Teaching & Learning science, Positive Psychology, somatic experiencing, and ego states. 

  • Zero Disturbance believes that highly-skilled trauma therapists deserve to be paid well for their services. We do not subscribe to the idea that "good" therapists give away their time, value or power. Here at Zero Disturbance we talk about and encourage charging our value, and feel proud to offer high-value services to clients and other clinicians (intensive therapy, adjunct intensive therapy, group consultation, digital products). 

  • Zero Disturbance believes that, just like during therapy, real learning happens over time, through relationship. We don't offer the one-time learning experience you may be used to. We offer the only EMDR-informed kits and courses that offer you continued access to updated material, informed by your feedback and questions. In other words, our courses are always evolving with you. And while that won't get you a couple CEUs, we believe it's more important to stay along side you as you move toward success and mastery.

  • Zero Disturbance believes in developing your clinical reasoning skills so you can think for yourself. Because you're an adult. This is the foundation of confidence and enjoying your learning experience. While understanding protocol is essential, we don't agree that there is a "best" or "only" way of thinking for every client. There is no one size fits all. We offer the only EMDR-informed kits and courses that are customizable and change with you and your needs. 

  • Zero Disturbance believes that we, as business owners, should use our resources, influence, and power for good. We are an ally and do not condone, support, or promote individuals or other businesses who engage in racist, homophobic, or bulling behavior. Period. We donate to and advocate for the American Civil Liberties Union because we believe in civil and reproductive rights. 


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