"I am much happier and less stressed about my business. I work fewer hours and make more money and am excited to continue to learn, create and expand. I was actually able to prioritize time off for the first time in my career (over 40 years)."

- Linda, EMDR Consultant

"I have broken up with several insurance companies, and have a plan to continue the trend. I have increased my income SUBSTANTIALLY. I have developed a long term plan to move forward in my practice doing what I want to do, not what is dictated by others. Thank you Kambria!"

- Linda, EMDR Consultant

"I am building my curriculum, niche, and business with far less stress. I no longer feel I have to compete with every other AC out there for business!"

- Anita, EMDR Consultant

"[Zero Disturbance] is giving me the option to not have to go back to corporate or county mental health and not pile up more debt while I help my family. I'm thrilled to be able to ride financial waves and continue helping my family while being able to do the heart work I love doing with patients. I can't thank you enough for adjusting my mindset and giving me clarity through your own trial and error, research and successes! Thank you so much!"

- Hannah, EMDR Trained

"I had known for over a year that I wanted to offer EMDR intensives, but I didn't know how to get started. I had taken 2 other trainings and still didn't feel prepared. This kit answered ALL my questions. I just booked my first intensive!"

- Kathy, EMDR Certified

"I had stopped using EMDR in my practice because I didn't feel like I had enough skill to use it within a 50-minute container. As I expanded the container to offer an intensive, I realized that I can do EMDR and it can be a delightful experience for the patient. Thank you for helping me to again find enthusiasm with this wonderful tool and to serve people with excellence."

- Karla, EMDR CIT

"After experimenting with implementing some intensives into my practice, I dove in deep into prioritizing only offering intensives. Very quickly, all of my intensive spots filled up! After experiencing the power of intensives consistently in my clinical work, I made the decision to begin to shift entirely into working in the intensive model."

- Jennifer, EMDR Consultant

"Kambria’s program also gave me the confidence to increase my fees as a therapist and to know my worth. For that alone I would say her intensive program kit was worth the money. I would encourage other EMDR therapists who are looking to get started with EMDR intensive to definitely check out Zero Disturbance."

- Marken, EMDR CIT

"So many of the questions I have had for years [...] all rolled up in this package. Bringing us through this growth professionally and in such an amazing humanistic way, sharing is caring."

- Pia, EMDR Trained

"Kambria’s background in curriculum development really makes this unique! It’s comprehensive and structured in a way you can implement it immediately! I did my first intensive with a client in less than 4 days and I felt completely prepared!"

- Steffany, EMDR Trained

"Kambria's caliber as a teacher, guide and creative mentor is outstanding. Her ability to create a safe container with trust, respect and encouragement is what made this experience so spectacular. I wasn't sure where to find coaching advice about scaling my business that pertained to being a registered professional and therapist. I felt the tension between the ethics of the coaching world and advice coming from that place in contrast to the ethics associated with being a therapist. I felt lost and lonely at times and Kambria's energy drew in like-minded souls who could actually support me in moving forward."

- Andrea, EMDR Consultant

"I invested in the passive income kit, and now am working on my first virtual training workshop The passive income kit that Kambria laid out makes it simple to create courses. I have tried my hand at online courses but passive income program is laid out make so simple to implement."

- George,EMDR Consultant & Trainer

"It was helpful to hear about passive income from another therapist. Reduces the shame around it. I especially appreciate having access to this course for a lifetime because I will refer back to it when I have specific questions re: email funnels and marketing. I've already sent my course off to my beta test group so they can give me feedback before I launch it to the World Wide Web!"

- Lisha, EMDR Certified

"I just have to say - [the workbook] is AMAZING. Simply one of the best assessment tools I've ever seen. It's worth every penny and I can see that it's going to help me feel more confident in my ability to choose and help appropriate clients for me."

- Martha, EMDR Trained

"I'm not an EMDR therapist, I'm a certified sex therapist. I'm finding much of the material transferable [...] I haven't launched my intensives yet, but I've let clients know that they will be offered in the near future, and I'm dreaming about the form they will take."

- Katie, Certified Sex Therapist

"So far the Lesson Plan has increased my confidence in working with clients electing EMDR. I especially enjoy focusing on the Magic Words Inventory and Positive Triggers Exercise. These two exercises alone seem to be very helpful for client's and garner responses like, "I forgot that I do have positive beliefs about myself!" These exercises definitely provide for a better and smoother desensitizing and reprocessing session. It also helps us (me and client) better determine NCs and PCs and the memories or situations to target...it just makes better sense to both me, the therapist and the client to approach it in this fashion rather than list all of their traumas (yikes!)."

- Karyn, EMDR Trained

"Thank you for creating an easily digestible workbook that helps patients to learn about themselves, begin setting goals and to have some understanding of how it is that this process will transform their lives."

- Karla, EMDR CIT

"The Lesson Plan is amazing! I now have more accessible approachable language to talk to clients about EMDR. I appreciated all of the material: videos, handouts, research articles. I feel more confident and personally aligned with this strengths-based approach."

- Eve, EMDR Trained

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