Join the next generation of clinical leaders in the only comprehensive consultation experience.



Accepting applications now for our next 8-month cohort

  • A comprehensive, zero disturbance experience to improve your clinical confidence, teaching excellence, and the success of your private practice
  • A step-by-step plan to diversify your knowledge with passive income systems, program development (client intensives, consultation services, and online training cohorts), and memberships
  • A¬†faculty trained and selected by Kambria that offers you their collective expertise in creative clinical reasoning, developing high-value services,¬†and successful strategies to business build with¬†ease
  • A community of motivated clinicians, innovating their practice¬†as they root for you and grow along side you
  • Alumni invitations to keep growing with your people for as long as¬†we can serve you
  • A curriculum with lifetime access and straightforward steps, templates, so you're easily launched
  • Program details for The 2024-25 Consultation Program will be available upon receiving your online application


Design high-value services without the pressure to be or do more.

You deserve choices beyond 1:1, weekly therapy services. And you can do it without the demands of having to level up, scale up, or be bold. 

At Zero Disturbance, we believe you can work smarter, not harder. And after a pandemic, we offer a culture of joy, learning, and experimentation that is stress-free and pressure-free so you can ultimately do less.

After all, it's your business. 


Apply to the 2024-25 cohort


EMDR consultation while designing a business that serves you first.

It's not enough to know all things about EMDR; if your private practice isn't serving you first, then what's the point of being your own boss?

Whether you're seeking Certification, AC, or already a Consultant, your guides should be life-long learners, encouraging, learner-centered, and transparent about the success of their business as you build yours.

(EMDRIA hours available!)


Apply to the 2024-25 cohort

We've already been there, done that.
Let us show you how. 

Everything we teach you how to do, we've already mastered in a six-figure way.
The Zero Disturbance faculty truly pull back the curtain on successful practice design. 

Nothing is off the table. 

Clinician Testimonials 

When we asked folks to rate their experience, 100% of respondents gave The Consultation Program an overall rating of 5/5; excellent quality!

See what else clinicians had to say about their experience in The Consultation Program.

Experience powerful group dynamics that transform you

"Kambria created an incredible group atmosphere that was so safe and accepting and yet challenged me to grow in new ways." 


"The people in this program are phenomenal. I have never met so many like-minded, inspiring and encouraging therapists in a group. The energy in the program is absolutely on fire in the best possible ways." 

- EMDR Consultant

"... I have a peer group that is exactly what I need for support and encouragement. In spite of our geographical distances, my Zero Disturbance cohort feels like my [people]." 

- EMDR Consultant

"Kambria's caliber as a teacher, guide and creative mentor is outstanding. Her ability to create a safe container with trust, respect and encouragement is what made this experience so spectacular." 


"The level of energy, innovation, caring , support and expertise in the group consultation was exceptional. I feel that I have gained an inner circle of support that is beyond what I have ever experienced.

- EMDR Consultant

Identify your own teaching style and learning framework

"I feel that you facilitate organization, bravery, possibility, and that there is [a] lot more room to play and be creative." 


"As a leader you have provided guidance, reassurance, respect and caring that I have not experienced from any other type of professional support." 

- EMDR Trained

"I love the focus on teaching and learning, and Kambria's adherence to "learner focused" interactions. The clarity of each of the modules has been invaluable and I have been able to start where I am at and take the next steps forward." 

- EMDR Consultant

"The teaching/learning approach was particularly meaningful to me. It facilitated the connection between my lifelong passion for teaching and learning with my passion for healing. This has been germinating for years for me but [it was] the clarity in Kambria's approach that sparked my own connections." 

- EMDR Consultant

Develop a successful business mindset that works for you

"Connecting with the people, ideas, resources and energy in this program has unlocked so much creativity, confidence, and empowerment that I was not connected to before. I have a greater sense of direction and intention in my planning process. I started thinking about my practice and my goals with a business mindset." 

- EMDR Consultant

" I have increased my income SUBSTANTIALLY ... I have developed a long term plan to move forward in my practice doing what I want to do, not what is dictated by others." 

- EMDR Consultant

"I have ways to turn the flow of clients on and off in a manner that still feels congruent and responsible. I can help more people without feeling stuck or trapped by a wild weekly commitment. And I can confidently justify my rates because I know the results I provide." 


"Moving from agency work to private practice feels more accessible." 

- EMDR Certified

"I wasn't sure where to find coaching advice about scaling my business that pertained to being a registered professional and therapist. I felt the tension between the ethics of the coaching world and advice coming from that place in contrast to the ethics associated with being a therapist. I felt lost and lonely at times and Kambria's energy drew in like-minded souls who could actually support me in moving forward. We enjoyed each other's company and genuinely helped each other out. Kambria's kits were extremely helpful in guiding me toward what I needed next in my business. When I practiced implementing EMDR intensives I felt proud and excited! I realized I could be more creative in how I work with clients, and I can explore my relationship with wealth. I am continuing on my path toward better living after this program. I feel more confident in trying out new things in my business and stepping further into a leadership role in my community."


Increase clinical confidence & trust your clinical reasoning skills

"When I feel like I don't know what path to take with a client, I am less anxious because I know that I can bounce the issues off of other professionals. Even if no one has "the answer" I feel such a solidarity with my colleagues. I am able to approach my clients with the knowledge that I have a "team" to turn to for support and we all struggle in our work sometimes." 

- EMDR Trained

"I like having 2 hours [of consultation], it gives a great amount of time to touch on everyone's needs and get a lot out of every session." 

- EMDR Consultant

"I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to shake things up, shine their light and help their clients in new ways."


" ... the consultation groups once a month [are] worth every penny. I feel less isolated and more confident after attending our group." 

- EMDR Trained

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