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Meet Kambria Evans,

Founder of Zero Disturbance

With a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt, Kambria has been creating trainings and teaching adult learners for 20 years. As Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, her job was to decomplicate and consolidate complex systems and topics, thereby giving medical trainees successful learning experiences. Now, as a busy mom of fraternal twins, dedicated business owner of Zero Disturbance, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Kambria knows what it means to do things efficiently, effectively, and in a learner-centered way. From clinical reasoning frameworks to designing intensives, consultation services, and passive income, Kambria's mission is to create a zero disturbance experience for therapists to get what they need.

 It's time to trust yourself when it comes to clinical reasoning and intentional design of high-value offerings. 

"Thank you so much for your videos, Kambria. Your spirit, experience, and messages are so valuable. I always feel empowered after watching them. I am always excited when I see a new one posted. So grateful!"

- Zero Disturbance Subscriber

"I so appreciate you and your work. The video lessons you send out are always a treat and learning experience for me. It warms the heart, and in this world, we need that."

- Zero Disturbance Subscriber

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