"Everything put out by Kambria is solid gold; she has an amazing gift of teaching, making things succinct and easy to digest. As a Consultant myself, I often send out her videos to those I work with."

- Sarah, EMDR Consultant


You always have a resource. Always. 

You have to just know where to look. 

You Always Have a Resource is an innovative, 33-page, PDF guide that distills all I've learned about resourcing my EMDR clients, informed by 5,000 EMDR sessions with complex trauma clients. It's what I share with my consultees when they panic about resourcing their complex trauma clients. You deserve deep breaths, so take one. 

The clinician guide also comes with a 12-page, fillable PDF Client Resource Workbook so the resources you create together are client-centered, customized, and impactful. This collaborative process is respectful, reparative, and gives our clients a sense of agency in their EMDR process, perhaps their biggest resource. To customize the Client Resource Workbook and brand the workbook for your practice, the white-label version is also available. 

You'll have lifetime access to these workbooks upon purchase so they'll be there whenever you need them.

Purchase You Always Have a Resource clinician guide + fillable PDF Client Resource Workbook for only $57
Purchase You Always Have a Resource clinician guide + both fillable PDF and white-label, customizable versions of the Client Resource Workbook for only $144

"Excellent quality; 5/5. I really appreciate the collaborative learning approach; it takes the pressure off me (ie. the clinician) to have all the answers. I also like the idea of reflecting on the immediate process of learning as a resource."

- Lydia, EMDR Certified

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