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Zero Disturbance

Zero Disturbance

Hosted by: Kambria Evans, The Teaching & Learning EMDR Consultant

Zero Disturbance offers comprehensive consultation for therapists on EMDR-informed clinical reasoning, intensive design, passive income systems, & teaching excellence. Because everyone deserves a quiet body...

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Ep 52: Understanding Attachment with Dr. Mara Tesler-Stein

In our field, we hear and use the word attachment so often. And, in the community of trauma-informed clinicians, I'd always felt like we had a deep understanding of what this word means. But when I sat down with Dr....
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Ep 51: Transformed with Wendy Jones

Supporting families, even under the best circumstances, can be challenging. So what happens when we need to support families when the world is not set up for their kids to succeed... or even survive? I had the...
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Ep 50: Shared Decision Making in Trauma-informed Therapy

Anyone else feeling irritated by how clinicians love to tell each other what is right or wrong? Ever notice how scripts often don’t thoroughly address client preferences or the process of client engagement? Where is...
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Ep 49: Innovation With Trauma-Informed Therapy and Practice Building

I had the opportunity to sit down with not one but two folks in the trauma-informed therapy and coaching communities. And not only was our conversation aligned around our similar value systems, it was yet another...
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Ep 48: EMDRIA's Innovation Journey

Whether we like it or not, the past two years have challenged us to design more innovative ways to run our practices and deliver mental health services. Perhaps you've been curious how EMDRIA has had to roll with the...
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Ep 47: Dissociation is a Superpower: Reducing Stigma with Dr. Jamie Marich

I sat down with the one and only Dr. Jamie Marich and had the opportunity to hear from a clinician whose transparency about their own identity is the very thing that makes them a great trainer, therapist, and overall...
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Ep 46: Should I Take Insurance as a Therapist?

As therapists, we all want to feel that we are helping others and feel secure in our own lives. Especially during a pandemic.   As highly trained, trauma-informed therapists, our mission is to guide our clients in...
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Ep 45: Expanding our Tool Box with the Four Blinks Version of Flash

Our series of innovative thinking continues, and today we are honored to be joined by Thomas Zimmerman, EMDR Consultant & Trainer.  Thomas helps us think about how we resolve traumatic memories, and introduces us...
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Ep 44: EMDR and Innovation Mindset

Do you have an innovation mindset? You know who did? Francine Shapiro. She first created EMD in 1987 after her famous walk in the park, and later created EMDR in 1991 with standard protocol (8 phases) and the...
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Ep 43: 7 Myths About Offering Trauma-Informed Intensive Therapy

I've been offering intensive therapy programs for my EMDR clients for 5 years now and I've learned a lot about about how to design successful intensive models. And I've made it my mission to share my experience so...
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Ep 42: EMDR with Kids: self care in private practice

We know that work as a trauma therapist can often leave clinicians feeling burnt out. And when we live and work through a globally altering experience, like the COVID-19 pandemic, that burnout gets amplified and can...
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Ep 41: What should I charge for trauma-informed therapy?

Today, we’re talking money. And, believe me, I know that this is a hard thing for many therapists to talk about. I’ve had to work through my own stuff with this, coached many consultees, and now, I'm here to offer you...
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