76: Therapy vs. Coaching: What's "Right" at What Time? [Dumb Things Therapists Say Series]

Therapists often make an artificial distinction between addressing trauma in therapy and utilizing coaching for personal growth. Making this separation can limit the full potential of therapy and leave clients feeling prematurely "graduated" before they've had a chance to truly thrive.

In reality, our brains are constantly running multiple "programs," both positive and negative, that shape our experiences and behaviors.

EMDR and Brainspotting recognize this duality, working to desensitize disturbing memories while simultaneously strengthening positive resources and beliefs. These modalities don't just aim for the absence of symptoms, but for genuine expansion and empowerment.

This episode challenges the notion that therapy should focus solely on resolving "mental illness" before handing clients off to coaches. Instead, it advocates for a more holistic approach that helps people not only heal from past traumas, but also build resilience, enhance performance, and create positive future templates.

Listen in to explore how understanding these dual "programs" can shed light on complex relationship dynamics, particularly with narcissistic individuals. By recognizing the conflicting messages we receive and internalize, we can better navigate confusing situations and reclaim our power in the healing process.

Whether you're a therapist looking to expand your toolkit or a client seeking to maximize your therapeutic journey, this episode offers valuable insights into the interconnected nature of trauma work and personal growth.


The Zero Disturbance podcast is for educational purposes and is not a replacement for a therapeutic relationship or individualized mental health or medical care.

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With a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt, Kambria has been creating trainings and teaching adult learners for over 20 years. As the Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, she created ease in complex systems, thereby giving medical trainees successful learning experiences. Now, as a dedicated mom, therapist, and EMDR Consultant, Kambria knows what it means to do things efficiently, effectively, and in a learner-centered way. When she isn't podcasting or creating online courses, you can find Kambria playing with her twins on a beach in California.