77: Attachment-Based Therapy: EMDR and Attachment Styles [Dumb Things Therapists Say Series]

While many therapists identify as "trauma-informed" or "attachment-informed," these labels should be a given for any effective therapist. How so? Because any therapy work is attachment work.

The reality is that we've all been shaped by our early experiences and relationships, creating programming that influences how we view ourselves and interact with others.

Understanding attachment styles - secure, anxious, avoidant, and disorganized - offers valuable insight into relationship patterns. However, simply labeling someone's attachment style isn't enough. The key is uncovering the specific beliefs, adaptations, and coping mechanisms developed in childhood that still drive behavior today.

This week, we explore creative ways people seek attachment and connection, from "show and tell" behaviors to dramatic outbursts. It also examines how we internalize beliefs about our worth and lovability, and the importance of developing our own secure internal "mirror" rather than constantly seeking validation from others.

By recognizing these attachment dynamics in ourselves and our relationships, we can start to rewire old programming and develop healthier ways of connecting. EMDR offers an effective path for installing positive beliefs at a deep level, allowing true change and growth.

Tune in to learn more about attachment, trauma, and the journey toward secure connection, both as a therapist supporting clients along this path and as a therapy client. This episode provides valuable perspectives for both therapists and clients seeking to create more fulfilling relationships and lives.


The Zero Disturbance podcast is for educational purposes and is not a replacement for a therapeutic relationship or individualized mental health or medical care.

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With a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt, Kambria has been creating trainings and teaching adult learners for over 20 years. As the Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, she created ease in complex systems, thereby giving medical trainees successful learning experiences. Now, as a dedicated mom, therapist, and EMDR Consultant, Kambria knows what it means to do things efficiently, effectively, and in a learner-centered way. When she isn't podcasting or creating online courses, you can find Kambria playing with her twins on a beach in California.