How long does EMDR take? We can do better than "it depends"

emdr Feb 26, 2021

 We've all had clients and/or consultees ask this question: "How long does EMDR take?" 

Why is this so hard to answer? I've heard responses ranging from 2-3 sessions for one target, to 12 sessions for single-incident trauma, to "it depends." 

Ya'll, we can do better than this. We are the brain surgeons of therapists! Imagine going in for brain surgery and asking how long the procedure and/or recovery will be, and the surgeon says "it depends."

Let's offer customized answers connected to assessment of what we're working with. In today's video, we answer this question with clarity and thoughtfulness.

And, as always, we celebrate you for all you do day in and day out. In case no one's told you lately, you are phenomenal. 


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With a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt, Kambria has been creating trainings and teaching adult learners for 20 years. As Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, her job was to decomplicate and consolidate complex systems and topics, thereby giving medical trainees successful learning experiences. Now, as a busy mom of fraternal twins, dedicated business owner of Zero Disturbance, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Kambria knows what it means to do things efficiently, effectively, and in a learner-centered way. 


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