Ep 45: Expanding our Tool Box with the Four Blinks Version of Flash

Our series of innovative thinking continues, and today we are honored to be joined by Thomas Zimmerman, EMDR Consultant & Trainer. 

Thomas helps us think about how we resolve traumatic memories, and introduces us to The Four Blinks Version of Flash. What I loved most about talking with Thomas was how he got me thinking about how we translate EMDR and other trauma-informed therapies so they are accessible to clients and clinicians. Healing trauma is a social justice issue, and we are all a part of it. 

I'm excited to journey with you this year as we learn about Flash/ Four Blinks, EMDR 2.0, and Brainspotting to expand our abilities beyond EMDR to serve our clients. These other modalities that tax the working memory deepen our understanding of how EMDR works, giving us more clinical reasoning ability. 

As we know, there is no perfect product, and what we know will continue to evolve. What an exciting time to be a trauma therapist as we continue to learn more!  


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Learn more about today’s spotlight guest: 

Thomas Zimmerman, Ms.Ed., LPCC (he/him) is a highly trained and experienced trauma therapist who has worked with hundreds of severely traumatized clients and is familiar with the wide range of ways that trauma may express. He specializes in attachment wounding and working through problems with resourcing with severely complex trauma. Much of his work is organized around the central “Dip Your Toe In” approach in all phase of working with complex trauma.

Thomas has attended graduate programs at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green State University, and Youngstown State University.

Thomas was trained in EMDR Therapy by the Institute for Creative Mindfulness and provides consultation to EMDR therapists across the country. He has received advanced trainings and provides consultation in the following topics: dissociation, working with ego states, working with clients at the intersection of trauma and severe and persistent mental illness, working effectively with attachment wounding, and working with high risk clients.

Thomas maintains the popular EMDR therapy blog for therapists: and administers the largest global group of EMDR therapists on Facebook at: Thomas also produces a podcast for EMDR therapists that focuses on solutions to the difficulties of working with complex trauma using EMDR therapy: Thomas is active in developing the Flash Technique (originally developed by Philip Manfield) into a fully conceptualized psychotherapy to easily and reliably metabolize trauma for the most severely traumatized clients. Thomas’ Flash work is available at:

Thomas is the owner of the practice EMDR Cleveland, LLC and lives in Cleveland with his girlfriend, Sophia (service dog), and his 14-year old nephew. 


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