Zero Disturbance has customizable resources for every phase of your evolution, so you can do it your way. 


Where are you in your journey?

You're in the "Curiosity" phase if you're...

  • Interested in signing up for or currently in an advanced trauma training like EMDR or Brainspotting
  • Wanting to improve your marketing, business flow, finances, etc. of your private practice
  • Hoping to do a few advanced trainings, like IFS, EFT or EMDR 2.0
  • Curious about a deeper, more efficient way to work with clients (support therapy vs. change therapy)

The Curiosity phase is the place where we all begin.

Stepping into this phase can feel both exciting and uncertain. You want to dive in, but you're still searching for clarity. Check out the two offers exclusively from Zero Disturbance that best lead you through the Curiosity phase: The Lesson Plan and The Practice Design Kit.

You're in the "Ability" phase if you're...

  • Done with an advanced trauma training like EMDR or Brainspotting, and left wanting more
  • Seeing your practice fill up with trauma clients
  • Feeling confident that you’ve raised your rate to reflect your value
  • In consultation to get you launched with confidence and community
  • Seeing more impactful work with clients (moving towards change therapy from support therapy)

The Ability phase is like a journey into uncharted territory.

Entering this phase can sometimes feel like you're trying to read a map in the dark. Let Zero Disturbance help you turn on the light with four offers well-suited to guide you through the Ability phase: The Lesson Plan, The Resource Guide, The Practice Design Kit, and The Consultation Program.

You're in the "Flexibility" phase if you're...

  • Thinking about or currently getting EMDR or Brainspotting Certified
  • Seeing your business thrive, and charging a higher rate as your confidence grows
  • Going to more advanced trauma trainings (e.g. Flash, Ego states) while in group consultation
  • Seeing more impactful work with clients (moved from support therapy to supportive change therapy)
  • Wanting to diversify your offerings (e.g. intensives, passive income)

The Flexibility phase is where you get some traction.

Making your way to this phase means you've been able to get a lay of the land. You're feeling comfortable in this place and you're ready to lean in. See what four offers Zero Disturbance has to guide you in the Flexibility phaseThe Resource Guide, The Intensive Design Kit, The Practice Design Kit, The Passive Income Kit, and The Consultation Program.

You're in the "Liberty" phase if you're...

  • A Consultant-In-Training or a Consultant
  • Creating a waitlist, and your rate is aligned with your full value, allowing you to see less clients
  • Wanting consultation on consultation instead of only clinical case consultation
  • Supporting a few of your own consultees (or wanting some)

  • Developing your own language about clinical reasoning from your own point of view

  • Wanting to diversify your offerings (e.g. intensives, passive income, consultation services)

The Liberty phase is the place where you look back and smile. 

As you enter this phase, you enjoy looking back on your journey with pride. You can see your hard work paying off and you're ready to pay it forward to other clinicians on the same journey. Check out the three resources Zero Disturbance has for you in the Liberty phaseThe Intensive Design Kit, The Consultation Kit and The Consultation Program.

"I have all of Kambria Evans' kits! She shows you the how, gives you her templates for everything, and takes a deep dive into the business end. Worth. Every. Penny."

- Anita, EMDR Consultant


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